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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  May 21, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> all you need to know about the waet weather threatening
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fox news starts now. thank you for joining us i'm laurean. >> i'm jim lokay. >> off the top tond we go to university of maryland an african-american man may be a hate crime. >> richard collins the third was commissioned second lieutenant in the army and buoy state student was out celebrating with friends on saturday. >> that's when police say this many university of maryland student stabbed in in a random, unprovoked attack. lindsey watts is following this story. lindsay. >> lauren, jim, this is the area where second lieutenant collins is standing with friends when attacked. candles are burning in his honor tonight. what we learned from police is that when the suspects came up, he told collins to step left, basically to get out of the way and when collins refused he was stobd. university police have since learned that the suspect, shawnrb
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racist groupon facebook and they brought in the fbi to help investigate whether racism was a motivatener this murder. he had taken an oath to defend our country and all of us. and second utennant richard collins the third wanted to follow in his father's footsteps in the u.s. military part of u.s. army division set to graduate from buoy state university earlier this week. >> young man's career was good b to take off and celebrating new commission when his life was taken. we met the family's pastor colin's home in calvert county. relatives too heartbroken to speak. >> this was gay kid. he was going places. he was going places and had high aspirations to achieve the goals he set before in his military career and devastated his life was taken away and senseless act of violence. >> police say collins was visiting with two friend here at the university of maryland and t
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you'reer early saturday when student shawn urbansky apreached he was screaming. >> and then he said to the victim, step left, step left, if you know what's good for you. the victim looked at him, puzzled with the other friend of his and said no. it was then, that shawn urbansky stabbed the vick anymore his chest. >> urbansky never left the crime scene and was arrested at this bus stop and later found he belonged to a racist groupon facebook. hateful towards women and minorities. >> and especially african-americans which brings up questions as to the motive in this case. >> the fbi is assisting with digital forensic to see what else he was involved with online. we went to anne arrundel down down they neighborhood where he grew up and worked at a local bowling alley.
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no one answered the door at his home. a neighbor said he knew him since a child and was stunned by the allegations. as students grapple with the horror on their campus. >> our students are afraid. >> and believe me i understand that. >> and family grieves for a life with so much promise lost so senselessly. >> he loved his family and people and god. and we're in shock at what happened to him. >> there's a vijle being planned for second lieutenant collins tomorrow. we'll keep you updated as we learn exactly where and when that will be held. live in college park, lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". >> day two now president trump visits to saudi arabia and first stop on overseas trip since taking office. today he delivered a major speech on combating islam egg extremism. here's fox's
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>> president trump calls for unity against islaming extremists while addressing summitt of leaders in saudi arabia. >> confronting islamic extremists and standing together against the murder of innocent muslims and impression of women. persecution of jews and slaughter of chris taps. >> his broad address touching on conflict in syria tension between israel and palestine and economic opportunities in the middle east and notably missing from his speech phrase radical islamic terrorism stable of 2015 campaign and president trump inaugust rating for combating ideology with king a of saudi arabia. >> to confront terrorism we declare today launching global center for combating extremist ideology
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by cooperating with peace loving nations and international organizations. >> mean time washington polling titions are reacting to the president first trip abroad. >> i think it's successful and important and there's no doubt that if we're going to impede the iranian efforts to expert significant strength in the region that this is important step forward sdpr president trump continues middle east trip monday tr traveling to jerusalem where he will visit several holy sights and meet with israeli and palestinian leaders. jay metsler fox news. >> while president trump surprise abroad mike pence delivered a commencement speech to new graduates. not all grads stuck around to hear what he had to
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>> thank you all. >> vice-president gave commencement address at the you of another time came and home state of indiana as preparing to speak dosz echz stood out and walked out. >> many are against the po policies of the trump administration. >> two democrats waiting for governor are speaking b out about gun violence. gun saiv ty hosted by group found by gabrielle gifford and wounded in the mass shooting in arizona in 2011. >> we can respect hert tank and second amendment rights like universal background checks and others to keep the community safe. let's try build around common ground and those with violent criminal histories those with the history
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violence not able toy buy weapons and killing machines. >> and a ban on assault within i think is very important. we don't need assault weapons on the streets and society to bring back the one gun a month would be great. it would take leadership to bring people from both side of the aisle to talk about responsible gun ownership and how we move forward with that. >> that will be a major parts of the gubernatorial race tomorrow the last day to register for the primary on january 13. >> taking it outside for a live look. chilly out there tonight. different than what we've been sxeerp is the last few days and now rain coming out on the way. we want to check in with gwynn and see what's going on as we head into the workweek. hey, there gwynn. >> hi, there a rainy commute for viewers for tomorrow, lauren, that rain will start to move in tonight. let's look at satellite and radar and show you what
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sheing b you can see the line of rain moving its way slowly towards mid atlantic coastal area and that continues in the overnight hours and tomorrow you will definitely being seeing that and it's heavy at times as well and even in the afternoon hours i can not rule out maybe we won't have a rumble of thunder or two with storms that could possibly be up. right now, 65 under cloudy skies and wind south, southeast 7 miles an hour and light wind. eliminates where in the neighborhood temperatures-wise 62 mannasas and 63 dulles this hour and 62 baltimore and annapolis at 64 and little cooler to the west, 59 winchester and 61 at mar martinsburg. so the winds are light and overnight tonight we will be seeing our overnight lows into the upper 50s and low 60s and that rain will gradually start to move in overnight. and as i said it will become heavy at times and especially to main part of tomorrow. so your morning commute you'll have to slow it down a little bit out there and definitely
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will be fwhet terms of the roads. so we're talking about unsettled start to the week and yes, rain will be stick ago around for a few days off and on on 7 day forecast and a warm-up bit end of the week. details later back to you. >> "fox5" fairfax country where the search is on for a firefighter who has gone missing brian wood was last seen a week ago responded last saturday, sunday afternoon in the 3600 block of easy street northeast d.c. and fairfax country firefighter officially reported missing yesterday last seen in a white tank top and blue pants. >> report of sex assault led to a lockdown at the led to a lockdown at the holocaust museum. the lockdown lasted an hour. and police stopped visitors from leaving the building to search for the suspect. this photo was taken by a visitor inside during that lockdown. police have not made any arrests. and police in prince george country looking for help in finding a man accused of assauin
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of her own home this happened around 1:30 in the morning saturday in the 9100 block of edmund son flowed green belt. the man got into unlocked window she told please he imapplied he had a begun and took off. >> and trying to rob a medical marriage marriage dispensary in northwest. someone called in shots fired 6900 block of blair road. police came out to investigate and determined two people tried to rob tacoma wellness center. no one was hurt. >> and next at 10 a new missile test from north korea. >> details on the latest launch and warning of the secretary of state to north korea leader. plus, how a virginia womanp 1 dollar purchase at yard sale leads to calls to bomb squad and arrest. wild story more coming up
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"tom went to washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks... that's what tom perriello is about." progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello... and before and after congress i led non-profits to battle climate change, poverty and president bush's attacks on civil rights. now i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality. because together, we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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sgrvr norm korea fireing a medium range missile. >> after they said they had a rocket capable of a large nuclear war head. >> secretary of state rex tillerson says the u.s. is still in the "early staplings of applying economic and diplomatic pressure against the recluseive regime" today's test is disturbing. watch. >> the ongoing testing is disappointing, disturbing and we ask they cease that because until they cease that testing clearly they have not changed their view. but i think we're early into the game of putting pressure on them and one could also interpret that perhaps they're just acting out now in response to some of this pressure that i believe they're beginning to feel. >> another koreans reportedly
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ballistic missile 9 p.m. hawaii time and u.s. pacific xhapd says this missile launched near buck chang and tracked until it splashed in the sea f japan. this comes a week after one of north korea most successful tests to date. last sunday the communist regime launched a won song twelve missile and they say it traveled 12 45 miles above the surface of the earth. noose ainternational space station is 240 miles above earth. that means north korea missile traveled so high it theoretically passed space station by 1,000 miles. white house officials tell fox news the missile launched today has short range than the one tested last week. south korean military officials say it traveled 300 miles and did not pose a direct threat to north ame america. this is the 11th test carried
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last year they tested 7 in the same time frame. in washington, i'm allison barber, fox news. developing tonight, a fake bomb that a virginia mother bought at a yard sale landed her in jail. and dave any page says she bought a novelty alarm clock that looked like sticks of dynamite as a joke for her daughter. she was at the grocery store and someone called police to report what they thought was a bomb sitting in her backseat. officers swarmed the parking lot and used bomb robot to determine that the device was fake. after five hours investigating police arrested page and charged her with constructing or using a hoax fire bomb. >> it was available on the market. if it's legal to sell, why shouldn't it be legal for me to you know have it. i feel stupid for having spent a dollar on a stupid clock at a yard sale. >> because
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airtive the charge she was not drangt aid bomb. she's scheduled to appear before a judge tomorrow. turning now to the forecast. we'll go outside for you now and look at the washington monument. things definitely cooled down out there. little chilly, chilly 64 degrees wouldn't you look what we saw the last couple days down to 64. okay we'll call it chilly. gwynn is here with wet weather on the wife night? >> definitely wet weather. you'll need the umbrella, tomorrow, jim, those showers are not going anywhere. as we look at satellite and radar we'll show what you is happening. we have a system moving its way towards the east and with it, it's going to bring a fair amount of rainfall. and we're going to sew that beginning in the overnight hours and lingering through into part of your monday. and a little break here and there and then we'll see some of it developing in the afternoon hours where we could see thunderstorms because we have a cold front associated with it. so here's a look now as you can see it's moving its way across areas of west and into tonight it
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move its way east as well. we have a few light showers as we start out and becomes a lot more widespread as the night progresses into tomorrow. temperature-wise yes a lot cooler than it has been. not bad tonight. 65 d.c. and 62 mannasas and culpeper and 59 winchester this hour and 62 baltimore and 61 degrees rights now at leonardtown. your planner for tomorrow not bad at all. we're starting out 8:00 at 60. still fairly mild and headed to upper 70s tomorrow. 70 by the 5:00 hour and we are still talking rain showers and even a chance of rumble of thunder before all said and done. keep umbrella handy and my 7 day forecast sunsetled as well as far as sky conditions and rain is concerned. i'll have that coming up la later, back to you. a follow up to the story you saw first on "fox5". a man brutally attacked we a yup of teenagers riding
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young man that stepped in and helped brawing up a fight. a take look. >> the word hero thrown around casually sports heroes. >> this guy say hero. >> john rally just walked off the train gallery place on way to meet a friend for din wher a group of teenagers surrounded him and attacked knock him to the ground kicking him and throwing him towards the moving train. >> i have come to terms with the fact violence exists in the world. and question more so what are we going to do about. it they stepped over him and came at me and threw a bunch. they swore again the second time that hit me hit me down and that was the end of it. >> nobody except one person stopped and that was
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right here and frankly while i got fairly significant injuries that would have been a whole lot worse he took some of the bunches intended to me. >> miller suffered slight concussion and he has swelling and bruce when kicked in the face his hand hit the train and director had to insert fins. >> this is not a one offer. there was way too many violent problem at metro met row needs resources betting and hire police press tone protect people trying ride the metro. >> miller is studying at george washington university law school and the if there's a silver lining it's that i have an opportunity to meet and get to know the young man. >> i'm a former
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>> metro transit police officers were on the scene within minute and while most attended to the victims one jumped on the train and followed the suspects. there were two actually involved in the attack and arrested both juveniles and 15 and 16 years old. >> all right. next at 10 blue angels to rolling thunder. >> we're helping plan out the week. take a welcome at big event you don't want to miss in the area. and coming up tomorrow, "fox5" morning news at weather heats up that means more months keets owes and ticks and i and i willness these can ca carry. dr. shelby will talk what you can do to stay safe this summer and work on the kennedy september erin comedian lonnie love joins us good day at 10 coming up tomorrow morning "fox5" right
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narrator: "the time is always right to do what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
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>> we're well into spring now. what's going on in the week ahead. wednesday, there will be at the meriweather post pavilion and thursday mary j. blige and also at wolf trap fifth harmony. keever summer land at the birch mere sunday. it's sold out. maybe you can find them on a resale sight. >> and the u.s. naval academy and blue angel employ-overs circling over 7 rivera round 11:00 tuesday morning and then at 1:45 praem will hold rehearsal. the actual show it wednesday 1:45 to 4. now here's a good one for foodies. on wednesday you can sample some top foods ape
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more than 40 countries all in one spots. the d.c. embassy chef challenge will be held with the ronald reagan balding wednesday more than 40 chefs participating and judges to choose the winning dishes and tickets are 75 bucks and probably not bad for an event like that. competition of slightly different kind is set for asaturday. third annuals growers cup event celebrates legal use of an abyss in the district. freeers will compete in several categories, sample and precede distribution tickets are $25. do you recognize this? it's that time of year. hundreds of thousands of motorcycles will be roaring from pentagon into d.c. for memorial day weekend annual rolling thunder event. it's really something to witness and honors prisoners of war and those missing in action for those that served vietnam. this is the 30th an versusy of rolling thund erin kicks
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a.m. sunday. now on saturday starting noon kennedy senter is holding open house. there's a full day of free perform abcs including powerful national memorial day festival and of course the national memorial day concert will be held 8 p.m. on sunday it's on the west lawn of the capital and usually there is a rehearsal the night before on saturday. so you can dined of beat some of the crowds. >> sneak sglooek bit way i didn't realize kiefer sub subjecterland was a singer and song writer. >> i don't think i knew that but it's sold out. >> kevin bacon and -- and bacon brothers. >> right. >> that's right. >> it's a group act. >> right. >> yeah. >> keifer summerland now. >> on the way cleaning up d.c. water ways. getting trash out the anacostia and potomac when we
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vo: delivering cleaner, reliable energy... creating jobs for our veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy employees doing the job. and now, dominion energy is investing $15 billion to build and upgrade our electric and natural gas infrastructure... creating jobs now and for the future. across virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping power the companies that power our economy.
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now there's a push to keen the rivers clean. two new boats will help tackle the trash. >> they're like any other boat you may have seen. large metal jaws dip down into the water and open up and abeer to swallow the trash on the surface. >> they're bigger so we'll be able to take more trash and they're also much hardier.
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so much less maintenance costs. >> half billion dollar d.c. swimmer boats named floatsome and jetsome the amount of trash collected on our barrier rivers is stunning. >> it's horrifying in some respects to think of 3 to 500 tons of debris we get off. it on the other hand we're glad to do it. >> with so many moving nearby and billions being poured into riverside developments clean rivers are a must. >> i like the fact that more and more people are on the water and see the water which helps they hold me accountable and city accountable and i'm proud the d.c. water is making a big investment to cleanup the anacostia river. >> there was not much trash but sir systems overflow and trash from city streets all wash into the rivers. where does it end up
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from the river to the boat to the trash dumpster. matt aklin "fox5 local news". >> all right so the sun was not really making it. >> not present and accounted for for most of the day. >> on vacay. >> here's the thing there was no rain and we got a little break there for your birthday. >> what i want to you notice as home this is lauren being optimistic. i look outside and see miserable day. >> it was not miserable. >> i like sunny like the sun. >> i like the sun too. >> i was trying to stay was not a bad day for birthday we're glad to have you here working even though it was your birth day. we appreciate you jim. >> happy birthday to you. >> again has a heck of a voice. i have to tell you they're great, great voice in the newsroom. >> 25 years young? >> yeah. >> hey. >> today but possibly tomor
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tomorrow. >> definitely tomorrow and starting tonight actually wait until you see the map you see the rain starting to come in. unfortunately i could not give jim any sunshine for his birthday but i gave him a birthday song. >> you did? >> i did. >> so you know we had a really nice cake and so we did all the birthday celebrations downstairs earlier. but you know what tomorrow will be one of the days keep umbrella handy and keep it handy for a few days. we have unsetsled week aheads and wet morning commute for you and starting out with that and chance of a storm popping up by tomorrow afternoon can't rule that out and mostly seasonal temperatures except at the end of the week guess what i have a warm-up and 80s and tomorrow even though we have the rain we'll actually be flirting with the 80 degree mark. so not so today. take a look. temperatures in upper 60s across the board at all three airports and right now mild outside. 62 mannasas and 65 nation's capital and 62 baltimore and 65 quantico and 61
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and 64 frederick this hour a little cooler winchester at 57 degrees. and but sat lied light and radar showing exactly what is headed our way take a look a wide swaj of precipitation and we show you just how far down it goes well south. this is moving its way east it's all associated with a frontsal system and when this starts to move the way across in the overnight hours tonight we'll start to see some of this become a little more widespread and then by tomorrow we'll see pockets of heavier rainfall with it as well. and i can't say not going to be just a real washouts. we'll get breaks here and there. afternoon hours storms in the meantime coastal flood add ricery in effect until 5 a.m. tomorrow morning. upper 70s tomorrow and that is warm. by
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system comes into the air mass and storms firing up. keep that in mind. a little bit of instability that is kicking in and here's a look at future cast for you in the overnight hours a 3:00 in the morning just take a look at that rain starting to fill in and here's 5 a.m. we get ready for morning commute and see sole that lingering and little bit of break once we get close to noon and then things start to fire up again and in the later part and keep eyes tots skies. wind kicking in from southeast. quarter inch to half inch of rainfall brl all said and done by the way. 78 for a aytime high and warm and 7 day forecast showing you we stay into the 70s by end of week and hitting into the 80s by saturday it's a dry day and lot of unsettled weather here as we get a chance of showers and popup storm
10:38 pm
rights through in thursday. that's your 7 day forecast back to you. >> thank you, gwynn. >> now on to "fox5" sdlusive a bicyclist who almost lost her life in hit republican and crashes sharing her story. three weeks since a driver struck near route 108 olney and police have no suspects this week she met the police officer that helped save her life. ihemelu was there. >> there's a stretch of route 108 near dr. bird road no shoulders or sidewalks to ride on forcing bicyclists on to the roadway something mary hopes her accident can change. >> hi. >> how are you? >> it's good to see you standing and walking. >> oh, yeah. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> the lasts time sergeant elijah kinder saw mary pelcora thought it would be the if and only unfortunate encounter. >> i didn't think she was go to make. it
10:39 pm
injuries and i knew that time was critical for her. >> mary was hit by a car on the evening of april 27 as she was riding bike along route 108 olney. >> i look to the left and right and deposit see anything so i took off. i looked over at the ail house it was nice night and i noticed how buds dwri was and that's the last thing i remembered. >> sergeant kiner is was the officer to arrived and found mary with serious head injury lying in the middle of the street her belongings strewn across the road. >> people that saw the collision it happened so fast they didn't even recognize they needed to remember what they saw and in fact, one of the witnesses said, i thought that the vehicle hit a deer in front of me and that's what happened. >> i have a fractured right hip of vertebrae and fractured right shoulder and
10:40 pm
brain trauma on my left side. >> mary now use as i walk to get around and she will have many months of recovery ahead. meanwhilesh the driver has still not been found. >> there's no question that this person knew they had something there's no way they won't know. and for them to drive off is very disturbing. >> since her accident mary's friends placed these signs near the intersection hoping someone with information will come forward. and mary she often spent her time advocating for bicyclist improvements in olney. >> i ride in middle of lane as law permits when i have to ride in the lane. and unfortunately again in olney there's lots of areas that don't have shoulders and sidewalks. so i am forced to do that. i wish we had a little more education in the community on the normal basis and a little more signs. >> in the
10:41 pm
signs will have to do. >> there's very limited suspect vehicle information but police are looking for a light or silver colored pickup truck. in olney, ihemelu, "fox5 local news". >> and next up at 10 nats try to put an end to four game shnide and time for the top plays of the week. >> only four can make the c cut. where does this cycling race range. find out ahead with brody and close five top five hits of the week. >> that's amazing. ♪ all of the lights notes is all of the lights in here baby♪ extra bright i want you all to see this♪ turn up the light in here baby♪ you know what i mean, want to you see everything, wants to you see all of the lights♪
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>> all right time
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>> add levity to the whole thing with sports. d.c. sports fans after what happened with the cavs and wiz -- caps and wizards, at least we have the nats. >> kind of. >> we still do. look, it's marathon -- it's a marathon not a sprint. >> you have to remember that. you pay attention and such a let down. after the week in d.c. sports the last thing fans needed was national -- no worries games against pirates and braves what can go wrong? everything. four game losing streak enhance calm john spar ton quarter into the season and nats still in first place. derrek murphy and national as voiding a sweep in atlanta. they lost four straight who cares it's a long season. when you're feeling down thing aren't going your way crack open a
10:46 pm
against the sign underneath that the sign. nats early one run lead and top third runners on the corners and bryce harper drives in a run and really with the way he was pivrping that's all steveen strasburg would needed. with straws it's not does he start the season it's does she have enough gas in the tank to avoid injury in august. spinning and dance swanson into the ground. straws threw 11le pitches and -- the close five top five is a fan favorite. and sometimes we get fan mail. in this case hate mail. actually sent through the post excuse me from little marky gardener he writes, i usually love the top five
10:47 pm
soccer. i hate soccer. and all things that are fun and exciting sincerely. p.s. the generals were duvrment don't know what that means. usually a tell this twerp to take a hike and i'm a man of the people and for you mark we are futbal free. number five, from pirate golf in sea isle, new jersey, look that improbable shot off a rock off more rocks and then i mean mini golf is a sport. we'll look at this. one handed off the rocks and rolling flew the calf earn there. >> that makes me want to go to beach, sea isle city. >> i was think about your pending vacation. >> this is one of the moves there was no skill involved whatsoever. >> somebody happen to have their cellphone. >> it was hold my beer and do this. and sinks put definitely in his or her happy place. >> number four state baseball
10:48 pm
up and over flips and he hangs on. makes the catch. here's the thing clemson made a mistake why did you help him. let him fall he might drop the ball and you get another chance at that. it's amazing catch. >> so unsportsman like. >> sports manship is overrated. >> the wolf had inside the park grand slam and those take too long. and number three red sox and a's drive deep center this is a walk-off game winner potentially until jackie bradley jr.. looking like another jr.. looking like ken grify jr.. you know ending of little big league. which we all know is grivry's favorite sporting moment when he elingted the fake minnesota -- and that kid that owned them. look at that look. rug by, reason done 7s. daniel norton. england get him an nfl contract.
10:49 pm
no he hits the jets. >> oh, my gosh. >> gets better reverses field has angle on this guy oh, no leaves him in. >> you deposit speed this up. >> that's his actual speed he timed himself against usain bolt runs quiinger 20 meter sprint than usain bolt. give this many contract. redskins if you're watching i like that he's smiling the whole way. >> number one. thanks to ria mar tib on twitter we go to high school playoffs in miss my and abby bise through the wall with the knee brace. >> look how excited she is. >> yes. >> takes the whole thing out. it's amazing catch. she holds on. here's the thing. whoever these umpires are must hate great nraiz baseball because they call the home r run. >> what why because she went out. >> she went out. it's so dumb. >> sounds like marky gardener
10:50 pm
>> the person that hates good plays. >> what happened to the ho horse. >> oh, yeah that deposit make the cut. the horse won the bike race. it was bike race in ireland. if was a tease. >> it was a stick, trickery. >> you got to see fun horse video. >> i was not sure if it was a play or not. >> so next week all soccer. >> all soccer. >> thank you brody. >> next at 10:00. don't give up on your workout routine. >> darn it the new warning researchers say two weeks off ka make. come
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>> welcome back if you spent the weekend on the couch watching movies or eating cupcakes in honor of your coanchor's birthday this may make you do jumping jacks. >> researchers study what happens when people normally active take it easy for two weeks. healthy people sitting on the couch watching tv or spent time napping lost muscle mass and developed fat around owe their organs in two weeks. >> it's so delicious. >> that was mostly around the belly. which is major risk for chronic diseases. >> you know you can keep disease these are good. >> so, you
10:55 pm
dog boot camp. the new trend. in is boot camp class in nashville tennessee people bring dogs around for intense hour of running weight and obedience training the human participants say it helped them shed pounds and improve dog's behavior. >> the show has gone off the rails. >> just a little bit. by the way i want to thank emily for bringing cupcakes and lauren brought cake in. >> we're all on a sugar high. >> yeah. >> after nearly 150 years tonight was final performance for ringling brothers and barnum and bailey end of entertainment and era. it had a 146 year run, acrobat, animals e. kloupz, enter taind guests during the final performance long island in new york. years of rights to toll on the circus. ringling brothers said high operating cost and ticket sales are responsible
10:56 pm
negative attention. animal rights group had problems with the way ringling brother $business. there was certainly a loss. they saw a hit ticket wise and realize today was time to pack it up. >> as we said end of era for all kipdz and families that went on and enjoyed the cotton candy you see here. >> we'll be right back. k.
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>> joining us tonight i'm lauren lawn. >> i'm jim lokay. >> off the top tonight we start at the university of maryland where we're learning more about the on campus murder of african-american man
11:00 pm
>> richard collins iii was just commanded to sergeant in the army. >> that's when this many university of maryland student stabbed him in random unprovoked chat. >> lindsey watts watt is live with the details. lipcy. >> lauren, jim, here at university of maryland tonight there are candles burning for second lieutenant collins in the area where he was att attacked. we've learned from police this evening that when the suspect approached he told collins to step left. basically to get out of his way and that when collins refused he was stabbed. police are also telling us that they've since learned that the suspect shawn urbansky is part of a racist facebook group. they are getting fbi involved to see with whether racism was investigator in the murder. >> he took an oath to defend our country and


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